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How a Mechanic’s Curiosity Saved a Puppy

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Hey there, dog lovers! Buckle up for a heartwarming tale that starts in the unlikeliest of places—a dumpster behind an auto shop in Shakopee, Minnesota. This story is about a heroic mechanic named R.J. who turned an ordinary workday into a rescue mission, saving the life of an innocent puppy in need.

The Shocking Discovery
R.J., a mechanic at a Midas auto shop, was going about his usual day when he heard a strange thumping noise coming from the dumpster. At first, he thought it might be a raccoon scavenging for food. But something about the sound piqued his curiosity. Instead of ignoring it, R.J. decided to take a look.

Peering into the dumpster, R.J. saw a moving backpack. It wasn’t making any noise, but it was clear something was inside. With a mix of caution and concern, R.J. unzipped the backpack and found himself staring into the eyes of the sweetest puppy.

Image Screenshot and Story Source Credit: FOX 9 Minneapolis-St. Paul Via YouTube

I opened it up and the dog literally like slowly lifted its head and looked up, and I didn’t even know what to say. I just about started crying there,” R.J. recalled.

The timing of R.J.’s discovery was crucial. The puppy, later named Midas, had been thrown into the dumpster after trash pickup. This meant he could have been trapped for a long time without food or water. The poor pup was zipped up inside the hot backpack, with only a fake grill and some plastic bags as a company. It was a stroke of luck that R.J. found him when he did.

Immediate Care and a New Name
R.J. knew he had to act fast. He named the puppy Midas and rushed him to the vet. The vet confirmed that Midas had signs of severe abuse, including a fractured jaw and a bacterial infection in his lungs. But despite his rough start, Midas showed a resilience that touched everyone who met him.

Image Screenshot and Story Source Credit: FOX 9 Minneapolis-St. Paul Via YouTube

Worst Day Turns Into Best Day
R.J. didn’t just save Midas; he decided to give him a forever home. Though he acknowledged that if Midas had a rightful owner, he would return him, R.J. was ready to provide Midas with all the love and care he needed. For now, Midas had found a hero in R.J., and the two were inseparable.

Image Screenshot and Story Source Credit: FOX 9 Minneapolis-St. Paul Via YouTube

A Message from the Police
The Shakopee Police Department used this story as a reminder for pet owners to rehome their pets humanely if needed. There are many ways to find a new home for a pet without resorting to abandonment.

Though this story had a happy ending, it could have gone a lot differently. If you’re a pet owner who needs to surrender an animal, we encourage you to do it humanely. With social media and the internet at our fingertips, there is no shortage of options for finding a person willing to rehome your pet. Please be kind to our animal friends!” the police department wrote.

Image Screenshot and Story Source Credit: FOX 9 Minneapolis-St. Paul Via YouTube

Midas started his day in the worst possible way, trapped in a dumpster, but thanks to R.J.’s kindness and quick thinking, he ended it with a loving family ready to give him a fresh start. This story is a beautiful reminder of the impact one person can have and the incredible bonds that can form between humans and animals.

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Share this heartwarming story with your friends and family to spread awareness about the importance of humane treatment for animals. And remember, sometimes heroes come in the form of everyday people like R.J. Let’s celebrate these acts of kindness and continue to be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

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