Top Training Tips For Your New Puppy

Top Training Tips For Your New Puppy

Introduction Getting a new puppy is one of the most exciting things you can do, you have gained a new furry friend and member of your family. You can be overly tempted to just cuddle and play with them all day.  This is not to say that you should not cuddle with them and play … Read more

5 Best Puppy Foods for Labradoodles

We evaluated 5 products and found Purina Pro Plan to be the best puppy food for Labradoodles. Their large breed puppy food supports a puppy’s growth and development through the “Superfood Blend” of ingredients, which includes chicken, egg, flaxseed and real vegetables. The formula is also supplemented with fish oil to promote healthy skin and … Read more

11 Best Puppy Foods for Great Pyrenees

We have made an evaluation of 11 dog food products and found the Blue Buffalo Large Breed Adult as the best for Pyrenees pets. The food packs a mixture of tender meat sources for protein and vegetables that supply all the needed nutrients for a pet of any age. It has the right fiber content, … Read more

7 Best Puppy Foods for Weight Gain

Weight management in puppies can be challenging, as some dogs need to lose weight to stay healthy, while others need help adding and maintaining a healthy weight from a young age. There are various reasons why you would want your puppy to add weight. Your puppy could be losing weight because of underlying health issues … Read more

8 Best Puppy Foods for Sensitive Stomachs

If your puppy has a sensitive stomach, you may find that a particular, or sometimes a number of foods, can cause gas, bloating, vomiting, or loose stools. The right diet may be what your puppy needs to return to normal digestive health. Highly digestible proteins and fats, complemented by the calcium, phosphorus, vitamins, and antioxidants … Read more

11 Best Puppy Foods for Pugs

You will never have trouble figuring out your pug’s favorite food. It’s whatever food is in front of them! Pugs of all ages love to eat. They will eat as much as they can. It is up to you to start choosing the best pug puppy food, starting just as soon as they are weaned so … Read more

9 Best Puppy Foods for Maltipoos

Maltipoo puppies are high-energy dogs that love to eat. Your Maltipoo puppy will eat whatever you give him/her and love you even more every time you fill their food bowl. But not every puppy food you can get in the supermarket is made with small breeds like Maltipoos in mind. How you feed your Maltipoo puppy … Read more

9 Best Foods for Boston Terrier Puppies

Boston terrier puppies are bright. They are lively. They are friendly. Boston terrier puppies go out of their way to get along with everyone, and it is hard to go wrong when you are feeding them, at least from the Boston terrier puppy’s point of view. Like every other breed, however, Boston terrier puppies do … Read more

9 Best Foods For Shih Tzu Puppies

Shi Tzus are adorable animals, warm and gentle yet intelligent in their own way. They’re great pets for people with allergies because they don’t shed much hair and are relatively easy to groom. However, they are also very picky dogs and won’t eat just anything. That’s why it’s important to feed your Shih Tzu puppy … Read more

11 Best Foods For Dachshund Puppies

Royal Canin Dachshund Puppy Food is specifically designed for the Dachsund breed and delivers the right amount of nutrition in a highly palatable and easily consumed dry kibble.  What Makes Royal Canin’s Dachshund Puppy Food the Best Choice? The breed standard for Dachshunds consists of a long spine, round abdomen, and short legs in order … Read more