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About Us

Hello! This is Liam and welcome to the Jaxery website for learning everything you need to know about animals and pets! This website functions primarily as an animal lovers haven and is ran by some of the biggest animal lovers you’ll ever meet.

I’ve had many different types of pets over the years (although most of them have been dogs). However, I’ve also had many cats too! Let us know what your favorite type of pet to own is by contacting us today (we love connecting with like-minded individuals).

My staff and I are here to help you gain valuable insight into everything related to being a responsible and quality animal owner. We specialize in providing a hub resource for all animal interests and our goal is to grow a loving and expansive community of people who absolute adore their furry and huggable creatures.

Please have a look around and, again, feel free to contact us if you have any insight or recommendations (we are always looking to up our game to become a better resource overall).

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