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11 Best Foods For Dachshund Puppies

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Royal Canin Dachshund Puppy Food is specifically designed for the Dachsund breed and delivers the right amount of nutrition in a highly palatable and easily consumed dry kibble. 

What Makes Royal Canin’s Dachshund Puppy Food the Best Choice?

The breed standard for Dachshunds consists of a long spine, round abdomen, and short legs in order to chase prey into their holes and dens. They’re considered a small breed and not prone to the musculoskeletal issues of larger breeds, but they are prone to obesity. You can give your dachshund puppy an excellent start in life by feeding Royal Canin Dachshund Puppy up to 12 months of age.

It provides optimal amounts of nutrition to support growth from nose to tail tip, and helps develop strong and healthy joints that can better withstand age-related issues later in life. The ingredients help a Dachshund puppy grow into a happy, healthy adult full of energy and shine. 

Features to Look for in the Best Dachshund Puppy Food

Certain ingredients need to be present in puppy food for optimal growth so the puppy reaches its maximum potential size as an adult. Look for high-quality sources of protein in the form of whole meats, but don’t dismiss animal by-products as not being worthy of feeding as they’re made from nutrient-dense organ meats. Look for fish oils to support brain and vision development, and reasonable sources of carbohydrates from brewer’s rice. Also consider vegetable ingredients that also deliver vitamins and minerals, and appeal to a puppy’s omnivorous nature. 

Keep reading to learn more about the 11 best Dachsund puppy foods on the market and why they’re worth feeding to your puppy. 

1. Royal Canin Dachshund Puppy Dry Food – Best Overall

Royal Canin’s Dachshund puppy formula is specifically formulated for the breed and its unique growth pattern. It can be fed from ages eight weeks to 10 months old, and features a unique kibble shape for young Dachshund teeth to pick up and chew. The food is formulated with antioxidants and vitamins to encourage the proper development of the immune system as the puppy grows and develops. It also contains the correct amounts of calcium and phosphorus for the development of the joints, spine, and legs to their proper proportions. Royal Canin’s Dachshund puppy food is easily digested and contains protein and fiber in amounts that are appropriate for a growing Dachshund. 

Royal Canin’s Dachshund Puppy dry food contains ingredients such as chicken by-product meal, brewers rice, chicken fat, and natural flavors. Chicken meal is made from organ meat that’s full of vital nutrients a growing puppy needs. Brewers rice contains vitamins and minerals for convenient delivery as well as provides carbohydrates for energy. It also contains taurine for heart development, and chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine to strengthen tendons and ligaments in the joints. The formulation covers all the bases that a growing Dachshund puppy needs to reach its full potential and live a full life. 

2. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Puppy – Small Paws for Small Breeds – Best for Small Breed Puppy Nutrition

Hill’s Science Diet Small Paws for Small Breeds is formulated from top to bottom with small breed puppies in mind, and is an excellent choice for powering your Dachshund puppy’s growth cycles. Each portion of kibble contains the correct amount of nutrition that helps your puppy grow at a predictable rate while supporting their skeletal structure, eyes, brain development, digestive system, and their heart. Ingredients include DHA from fish oil, a blend of antioxidants for immune support, taurine for a healthy heart, and calcium to aid in the development of strong bones and teeth. 

Hill’s Small Paws for Small Breeds does contain chicken and pork meal along with grains which are commonly associated with lower quality brands. However, these proteins have been tested for digestibility, and found to be as easily digested as whole proteins. The puppy food also uses quality nutrients and supplements to support strong growth, and it also uses vegetables for flavor and fiber. It’s affordable, and there are no artificial flavors and ingredients used in the formulation, making it one of the best Dachshund puppy food products on the market. 

3. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Puppy Small Breed Dry Dog Food – Best for Natural Ingredients

Blue Buffalo’s Life Protection Formula for small breeds features life stage-specific nutrition that delivers the right amount of vitamins, minerals, and other necessary ingredients to support a Dachshund puppy’s growth. It’s made from all-natural ingredients with no by-products or artificial coloring or flavors, and doesn’t contain grains. The food is formulated by holistic veterinarians and animal nutritionists to ensure a high-quality product that is palatable, easily digested, and supports steady growth in small breed puppies. 

The Life Protection Formula from Blue Buffalo contains ARA and DHA, two fatty acids that are found in mother’s milk and aids in the development of the brain and vision. Each bag contains 29% crude protein, 17% crude fat, 5% crude fiber, and 10% moisture with the remaining percentage made up of vital fatty acids, calcium, and phosphorus. The ingredients that help make up these percentages include dehydrated alfalfa meal, potatoes, dried chicory root, brown rice, deboned chicken, dried kelp, and biotin to name a few. The vitamins and minerals included in the formulation provide the building blocks a Dachshund puppy needs to grow into a healthy adult and live a good life. 

4. Optimeal Puppy Dog Food for Toy Breeds  – Best for Skin and Digestive Support

Optimeal’s Puppy Dog Food for Toy Breeds features kibble that’s designed to be easily consumed by small breed puppies such as Dachshunds. The kibble size is similar to that of ground beef crumbles, but not so small that it leads to choke. The food is also highly palatable and won’t cause digestive upset for puppies who are being weaned or have recently been weaned. Each serving contains the correct amounts of calcium and phosphorus for healthy bone, joint and muscle development without the risk of overgrowth. It also contains Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, copper, and zinc for healthy skin and coat, as well as supporting brain and vision development. 

Optimeal’s Puppy Dog Food for Toy Breeds was developed with the supervision of veterinarians and produced using the latest in Swiss technologies. It’s formulated with probiotics to help the digestive system with the development of healthy gut flora and improve nutrient absorption. Other ingredients include fresh lamb and rice for palatability, and includes vitamins and minerals that help support the development of a healthy immune system. There are no artificial ingredients or flavors, and all ingredients come from high-quality sources. 

5. American Journey Active Life Formula Puppy – Best for Supporting Overall Growth

American Journey Active Formula is formulated for all sizes of dog breeds which means you need to feed the proper portion size for your Dachshund puppy. When fed correctly, the puppy food delivers the nutrition and energy your puppy needs for steady growth. The first ingredient is chicken to help your puppy’s muscle growth, followed up by antioxidants, omega fatty acids, calcium, and phosphorus. These ingredients help with coat and skin growth, strengthen bones and teeth, and encourage the development of a strong immune system. It also contains DHA and ARA that support brain and vision development. 

Other ingredients include blueberries, cranberries, sweet potatoes, and kelp, foodstuffs that are known for their beneficial nutrients. There’s no soy, corn, wheat, poultry by-products or artificial ingredients, ensuring that your Dachshund puppy gets clean nutrition that’s easily digested.

6. IAMS ProActive Health Smart Puppy – Best for Value

IAMS ProActive Health Smart Puppy contains the necessary nutrition needed by Dachshund puppies in each serving, but it’s made with whole-grain corn and contains additives and colorants that diminish the overall feeling of quality. However, it does contain ingredients that are beneficial and aid in the early development of your puppy. ProActive Health Smart Puppy is priced lower than most small puppy foods, which makes it attractive for those who are on a budget. You can be assured that your puppy is consuming the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for growth and development when you fed IAMS ProActive Health Smart Puppy.

The formulation of ProActive Health Smart Puppy is to mimic mother’s milk through the inclusion of 22 key nutrients that include omega-3 DHA, calcium, and protein from chicken. No artificial preservatives or fillers are used in the formulation, and it uses beet pulp, chicken fat, brewers yeast, and carrots to support the digestive system in its delivery of energy and nutrients.

7. Wellness Core Small Breed Puppy – Best for Quality Ingredients

When it comes to quality and premium ingredients, Wellness Core Small Breed delivers. It’s grain-free and formulated using superfoods that are tested for their ability to deliver quality nutrition. Each bag of food is guaranteed to have the levels of nutrition your Dachshund puppy needs for proper growth and health. The kibble is designed to be easily picked up and chewed by small breeds, and contains no grains for easy digestion. Ingredients include DHA, omega fatty acids, glucosamine, taurine, and probiotics to support brain and vision development, connective tissue strength, heart health, and improved absorption of nutrients. 

Wellness Core Small Breed Puppy is made with natural, non-GMO sourced ingredients and contains no artificial preservatives or flavors, fillers, or meat by-products. It’s formulated to provide the appropriate amount of nutrition for a Dachshund puppy in each serving and is made in the USA from ingredients sourced around the world. 

8. Purina Pro Plan High Protein Small Breed Puppy Food – Best for Protein Content

Purina Pro Plan High Protein Small Breed Formula is designed for active puppies that need a lot of energy for growth and play. The formula is one of the best dachshund puppy food products as it’s intended for breeds that reach a maximum weight of 20 pounds at maturity. It contains DHA for brain and vision development, antioxidants for a robust immune system, calcium and phosphorus to support teeth and bone growth, and omega-6 and vitamin A for healthy coat and skin. Its formulation is designed to meet the needs of small breed puppies up to one year of age. The small kibble size makes consuming the food easy for small teeth and mouths and is highly palatable. 

The main ingredients of High Protein Small Puppy Breed include chicken, gluten meal, brewers rice, whole grain wheat, and animal fat. These ingredients are sometimes considered as fillers by pet owners, but they are functional foods due to the fact they provide energy from protein and carbohydrates in an easily digestible form. Brewer’s rice contains iron, magnesium, protein, potassium, and other minerals in small amounts that a growing Dachshund puppy needs. The use of these ingredients ensures that a small breed puppy gets adequate nutrition through easily consumed ingredients, and won’t eat more than its body needs. Purina Pro Plan’s High Protein Small Breed puppy food is economical while providing targeted nutrition. 

9. Orijen Puppy Recipe – Best for High-Quality Protein and Grain-Free

Orijen Puppy recipe is formulated for breeds from small to large, and is the best Dachshund puppy food for owners who want to provide their puppy with nutrition that’s as close to nature as it can be. Orijen’s overall focus is formulating pet foods that are mostly made from whole animal ingredients sourced from birds and fish that were raised in free runs, caught wild in the rivers and oceans, and cage-free eggs. The kibble is made from fresh and raw ingredients that include organs, meat, cartilage, and bone to deliver a foodstuff that’s as close to nature as it gets in puppy food. 

Orijen describes its puppy food as biologically appropriate, which means that your Dachshund puppy is consuming a high-protein diet that’s derived from pure meat sources. There are no grains in the food, but you will find ingredients that include deboned chicken, turkey, whole Atlantic mackerel, liver from chicken and turkey, fish oils, apples, and pears to name a few. It also contains probiotics to improve nutrient absorption and help create a healthy population of gut flora. A feeding guide helps you determine portion size for a Dacshund puppy. 

10. Amazon Wag Dry Dog Food for Puppies – Best for Value and Quality

Amazon has entered the dog food manufacturing market with its Wag brand and has positioned itself to compete with premium brands in terms of ingredients and pricing. Its Dry Dog Food for Puppies is a complete formula that’s designed for small breed puppies and provides quality ingredients such as lentils and peas that provide vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients. It also contains salmon oil and flaxseed for omega-3 fatty acids and long-chain DHA for brain and vision development. Taurine is also included to promote healthy heart development. Its protein source consists of U.S.-raised chicken for a clean source of protein you can trust. 

The Wag brand is developed with the help of animal nutritionists and produced at a California manufacturing facility. The ingredients are sourced from around the world from trusted producers and the food is blended according to Amazon’s recipe. Some of the ingredients include dried plain beet pulp, egg, chicken fat, brewers yeast, probiotics, and vitamins and minerals. When it comes to quality, this is one of the best Dachshund puppy food products available and shows Amazon’s commitment to providing quality products for the pet market. 

11. Eukanuba Puppy Small Breed – Best for Supporting Growth

Eukanuba’s Puppy for small breed puppies may not be specifically formulated for Dachshunds, but it is formulated to aid the growth of small breed puppies and supply them with vital nutrition during their first year. It can be introduced to puppies who are just weaned and up to one year of age. The food delivers energy through fat and carbohydrates, and uses high-quality animal proteins and calcium to support bone and muscle growth. It also contains DHA in clinically proven levels to help with healthy brain development and mental acuity. Chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine are also included in the formula to support joint and muscle development, so your Dachshund puppy starts life with a solid skeletal foundation. 

Things to Look for When Buying Dachshund Puppy Food


Kibble size is both a feature and a problem when it comes to finding the right puppy food for your Dachshund. The diminutive stature of the Dachshund gives it a smaller-than-average mouth and jaw size. Make sure that the size of the kibble in the food is sized appropriately for small puppies to eat. Larger pieces of kibble can be difficult to pick up and chew, increasing the risk of a choking event. Small breed puppy food typically features a small kibble size, but you may come across an all-breed food that looks good but has too large of a kibble for your puppy. 


Dachshunds are hardy, but sometimes individuals can be prone to digestive issues. Dachshunds are frequently allergic to corn and chicken, but can also be allergic to food coloring and preservatives. In the event your puppy is showing digestive distress after eating a meal, check the ingredients for these allergens. If they’re present, stop feeding the puppy food and switch to a brand that doesn’t contain known allergens. 

Feeding Duration

A majority of a puppy’s growth finishes by one year of age, but they may continue to fill out and gain a little height after their first year. Make sure that the puppy food you’re buying is formulated for two months to one year of age in order to supply its growing body with ample nutrition. A puppy needs to have the necessary building blocks in its body to reach its full potential as an adult. 

Ease of Transition

Once your puppy has reached its age of maturity, you need to move it from puppy food to adult food. Check the label on the bag for instructions on how to transfer your now-adult dog from its puppy food to an adult formulation. Make the transition gradual to give its digestive system the opportunity to adjust from eating one type of food to a new one so as to avoid digestive upset. This also allows the body to acclimate to a less-intense form of nutrition and prevents a shock to a given system. 

Which is the Best Dachshund Puppy Food?

The best Dachshund puppy food is Royal Canin’s Daschund Puppy formula. But if you can’t buy this brand for whatever reason, there are other small breed puppy foods that are more than sufficient for your puppy’s healthy growth. Look for foods that contain pure protein sources, don’t suffer from the addition of food coloring and ingredients that you can’t pronounce, and are packed with nutrition that supports your puppy’s overall growth. 

Some puppy foods seek to mimic mother’s milk through the use of ingredients and supplements to continue the delivery of the building blocks of life. Your puppy will benefit from this type of formulation, but it’s not necessarily better than other types of formulation. The nutrients, vitamins, and minerals a Dachshund puppy needs to grow need to be delivered at levels that are appropriate for its final adult size. Look for ingredients that provide holistic growth support for all of your puppy’s biological functions. 

It’s a fact that not all puppy foods are made the same. Buy the brand that meets your puppy’s need to eat a palatable, filling, and nutritious food without digestive upset. In turn, your puppy will look and feel good, be full of playfulness and energy, and develop into a happy, healthy adult. 

How to Buy Any of the Products Listed

Click on the link to any one of the products highlighted above and get the best Dachshund puppy food delivered right to your door. You can get your Dachshund puppy started on high-quality food that delivers optimal nutrition to help your puppy stay healthy and grow to its full potential.

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