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9 Best Foods for Corgi Puppies

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We have analyzed nine different best corgi puppy foods and concluded that Now Fresh Small Breed Puppy Dog Food is the best puppy feed for active puppies.

Now fresh is a natural blend of different food classes that provides energy, protein, and fat, vital for a young dog. The formula is a mixture of every food class, with no wheat or soy. This significant snub of carb sources protects a young dog from digestive distress and allergies. You must consult a vet for better feeding choices if your dog has digestive problems.

Your pet will benefit from salmon, deboned turkey, and eggs as leading sources of protein with a serving of Now fresh. The animal proteins are tender and blend well with tiny developing teeth in young dogs. Proteins build the inner muscles that are vital for playing and movement, while maintaining a proper external posture for happy dogs.

Essential omega oils in the serving will also keep your dog looking good, with a healthier furry coat that might need occasional washing to maintain its shine. Lastly, small dogs can easily digest the meal, evidenced by the refining that has gone into its development. The food is well textured and tiny enough to pass through the digestive tract of a corgi without problems. 

However, while Now Fresh is the best in its class for active dogs, other dog foods are available for different best for cases of developing puppies. Some meals have allergies in mind, while others have a subscription service for convenience. The list of nine below better explains.

1) Now Fresh Small Breed Puppy Dog Food – Best Overall

Now fresh is a formula specific for small dogs, as it has no soy or wheat that might cause digestive issues. It uses fatty acids for a healthy corgi skin and a significant serving of protein. Nutrisource highly focuses the meal on dogs that require muscle building, and to this end, it has a high protein concentration. Frequent serving makes a puppy stronger, helping it grow into an active, happy pet.

Unlike many dog foods that have focused a lot on deboned chicken, Now fresh utilizes fresh sea products like salmon. It also has some traces of duck and omega oils from coconuts. Oils supplement internal mechanisms to help your pet have a healthy coat. Eggs are a wholesome source of proteins also, added to deboned turkey that supports internal development. Your puppy will develop better when given the meal constantly during its development.

Now fresh also pays attention to dog size in its manufacturing. The food has special pieces made for tiny, developing mouths, meaning your dog will have no issues swallowing the meal for digestion. The tender meat that dominates the meal is a formulation to help young developing teeth. Finally, the lack of wheat or corn in the serving makes the overall serving tender, for a puppy to munch and grow happily.

2) Ollie Healthy Turkey Feast Fresh Dog Food – Best For Natural Diet Lovers

Ollie is a fresh food product targeting premium dog owners that follow a subscription model. The pet food blends traditional dog ingredients with human-grade food to make a nutritious meal for young corgis. Its production focuses on a fresh diet, made slowly to entice the taste buds of your pet. With an active subscription, you will never miss something to energize your dog for the day’s activities.    

The food is prepared with the best bits of fresh food available; it customizes the diet and appeals to everything to fit a particular pet, in this case, a corgi. If your dog has a certain appeal or energy needs, this type of pet food might become its new favorite.

The benefit of the freshly refined product is that it has no artificial flavoring common in many generic dog foods—a factor that makes it top of the line. However, it costs more, but if you are sensitive to artificial flavoring, it will fit well with you and your dog.

3) American Journey Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food – Best for Corgis with High Energy Needs

Corgis were originally herding dogs in Wales; though their high-energy demands have somehow dissipated in modern days, they are still active. They need a lot of energy to keep up with their fast metabolic reactions. They are small, so they need to eat something often. The American Journey satisfies the energy needs of corgis and more.

Deboned chicken is a vital ingredient, your pet benefits from muscle development and a better defense system. Wheat and corn are the fuel that keeps the pet going, especially when it needs to stay active. Chicken meal is the driver of bone development and usually helps your dog build enough stamina to develop into a happy, all-around pet.

A mixture of calcium and phosphorus blended into the food is what keeps your pet steady. Phosphorus compliments the bone structure, steadying the dog as it develops into a happy pet.

4) Natural Balance LID – Best for Dogs with Allergies

Allergy cases are not isolated to humans; they affect pets too. A sure way to know whether your dog has any intolerance or allergies is to take it to a vet for evaluation. You can also monitor your pet for any aggressive reactions after feeding while at home to check for allergies. If your pet suffers from allergies, the best meal to consider is the Natural Balance LID.

The serving is a small-dog solution that helps a lot when they have allergies. It prevents bouts of overreaction that make your pet dull. Natural balance is carefully prepared. It limits the ingredients to a serving of a healthy diet by avoiding common triggers for allergies in dogs. The food has significant proportions of proteins and carbs, ensuring a balance between energy and structural development. Natural balance follows a statistical approach by avoiding foods with a history of allergic triggers to dogs. 

Deliberate slices of small kibble make Natural balance suitable for all corgis. Your dog will not have any issues swallowing or digesting the meal. 

5) Nutrisource Small and Medium Breed Puppy Food – Best for Small Dogs

Corgis are naturally tiny, meaning that all food sources must consider their high-energy demands. Nutrisource is a formula made with pet size as a significant consideration. The ingredients make it possible have a good supply of protein and a bit of carbohydrate that are concentrated for maximum energy.

The balanced food combination helps keep up with the fast metabolism associated with small animals. Chicken makes a substantial portion of the dog’s meal; it is a protein addition to help the dog reach its full size—usually after nine months.

Nutrisource’s main source of fat is sunflower oil, while brown rice and oats make up the carbs. The carbs solve all the energy needs of your puppy, especially if it aims to grow into an active dog. All the ingredients added are easily digestible and give the puppy all the fiber to help ease the digestive process that makes active dogs dull.

6) Dr. Gary’s Best Breed Working Dog Food – Best for Dogs with an Active Lifestyle

If you are looking for something natural and appetizing for your pet’s liking, then Dr. Gary’s Dog Food is worth considering. The food has an appetizing blend of carbs that gives the maximum amount of energy to your pet at all times.

Though Corgis do not herd livestock anymore, you might want them to keep up with your active lifestyle, meaning they require the best corgi puppy food, that is rich in energy.

Dr. Gary’s combines deboned fish that moderately supplies protein to your young corgi, alongside a high-fat source. The combination of protein and fats takes care of muscle development and other structural functions.

Fish oil and chicken fat in the food are a source of concentrated energy. They work together to keep the dog as active as possible, especially if this aligns with what you do personally. Omega fatty acids are the balancing formula for healthy skin in the serving, making the dog look happier while more active during its development.

7) Whole Earth Farms Grain-Free Small Breed Dry Puppy Food – Best For A Healthy Development

The Whole Earth Farms serving has its roots and manufacturing in the USA. The dog food is grain-free, making it tender for developing teeth. It uses premium protein and fruit to provide all the nutrients a developing puppy needs to remain active throughout the day. For its price, it is a quality dog feed and has an unusually high level of protein that aids in body development, especially on the muscle side.

It is unlikely that you get fresh vegetables in a dog meal; Whole Earth blends fruits and vegetables that give the product a delicious taste, making your puppy happy and playful. Vegetables are good for the immune system and vital for growth. Your puppy will have a wholesome development with the meal part of its diet.

Fresh vegetables and chicken make the best corgi puppy food, tender for a young dog to chew several mouthfuls. Food containing corn or wheat gives a young dog an extra assignment when it comes to chewing. Additionally, such foods cause digestive distress that might turn fatal for a young dog. Fortunately, Whole Earth has no corn or wheat, meaning your small dog enjoys a tender and delicious meal.

8) Taste of the Wild Appalachian Valley Small Breed Grain-Free Dry – Best for Dogs in Transition

Taste of the Wild is a portion of grain-free pet food made in the USA. It ticks all the boxes as a specific best corgi puppy food because of the small kibble pieces included as an ingredient. The food is protein-rich and provides all the muscle fuel for an active dog. Your dog will build a lot of stamina with this serving as the daily driver.

However, it is not perfect for a few months old puppies, but for those in transition to adulthood. One defining factor for this meal is the taste. It has a well-formulated approach that combines proteins and added vitamins to have a good taste and smell. Your dog will always look forward to the meal.

Grains are a major reason for intolerance and allergies. A lack of them in food makes it suitable for all corgi dogs. The food has added fats that help develop and maintain the outer coat of the dog, making it look healthy and happy.

9) Halo Holistic All Life Stages Small Breed Dry Dog Food – Best for Active Dogs

Chicken and liver make the bulk of this food, making it a nice source of protein for a growing dog. The food is all-natural and combines the high energy provided by carbohydrates such as corn and oats. A combination of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats makes Halo Holistic an all-around meal that provides all the required nutrients for a developing dog.

For one, it has all the right proportions of grains and tender meat that are useful for high-energy demands and muscle development—vital for a young dog. The food also has traces of fats that focus on the outer looks of your pet, meaning the best corgi puppy food makes sure the pet grows well and maintains a shiny furry outside for that elegant appearance.

The ingredients making up halo Holistic make it a high-energy diet for pets that like adventures outside and those that like to play a lot indoors.

Buying Guide — Things to Consider When Buying Food for Corgi Puppies

Corgis were once herders, so they are quite a handful even today. The puppies are small and hardworking, so they need to build large energy reserves as they grow. How you intend to use your corgi dog can usually affect their diets from the onset.

Corgi puppies intended for working dogs in their adult life need a consistent energy supply to keep up with their diets. Corgi puppies are also prone to obesity, and going overboard with their food can cause other health issues. Often, you might need to pick up a corgi-breed food formula that works for your dog to achieve the best nutritional needs.

Originally, dogs were carnivorous, meaning their primary instinct yearns for animal protein-dominated meals. However, dogs have also evolved to digest some carbohydrates and vegetables. You can feed them some starchy vegetables, legumes, and whole grains without digestive issues. A dog needs no more than 5% fiber in a serving. Dogs, unlike humans, can have digestive problems when fed too much plant starch.


Corgi puppies love protein, especially the animal type. But this does not mean you overdo it; make sure there is a limit of about 18% of protein per serving. Additionally, developing puppies, which have neared maturity, require up to 22% of proteins in their diet, meaning 4% higher than their adult counterparts for better muscle mass build-up.

When your Corgi puppy is older, you could go beyond 30% protein because it is a small animal and burns more calories than larger dogs. Protein is beneficial in a small-breed dog because of lean muscle mass, which requires more support. You should also limit plant protein, as it does not provide the full nutritious needs of young corgi. Plant proteins also do not go well with the complex digestive structure of dogs. Be sure to focus more on protein sources such as meat, eggs, and poultry for a balanced meal.

Another issue to consider when buying the best corgi puppy food is the fat content per serving. Usually, dogs appreciate animal fat. Chicken fat is best when thinking of topping up your dog’s fat serving. Remember that fat is a concentrated source of energy too, and plenty of it can complement the energy needs of a small dog when the default supply runs out.

Omega fats are vital for healthy skin development in dogs, be sure to look out for food products that show a good portion of the fat in a serving.

Corn, soy, and wheat-free dog meals are much better for corgis because of their small digestive tracts, and avoid those with artificial additives too. Remember that fresh diets are more nutritious and tastier than those that are altered artificially are.


When starting, small-breed dog formulas work best for corgis. However, as they grow, you can go for working or active dog formulae. You can change the small-breed formulae as soon as you notice it does not provide your dog with all the nutritional value required.


Deciding a worthy meal for a corgi puppy is a complicated affair. However, granted the chance to make a decision, keep the nutritional needs of your puppies in consideration. First, corgis are small dogs and need to burn more energy to keep up. Corgi puppies are even smaller and will need to burn more energy. Therefore, when thinking of a food solution, consider the ones with a high energy density to keep the young corgi going for a long time.

Nevertheless, when thinking of energy, the first thought that comes to mind is carbohydrates. Wheat, soy, and corn are carbs that are common in dog foods. However, for the best serving for a young dog, avoid the ones with wheat and soy in addition, as they are the number one cause of digestive issues and allergies. Go with the ones with a lot of proteins and other supplements.

Artificial flavors also do not go well with young dogs; try to limit the food to fresh meals. Now Fresh Small Breed Puppy Dog Food is the best corgi puppy food that ticks all the nutritious needs of a young corgi. Chewy now offers fresh and other servings for young dogs. You can find the meal in their online store for order. 

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