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7 Best Foods for Boxer Puppies

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We have evaluated numerous commercially available options to come up with our pick for the best food for boxer puppy.

To us, it’s clear that the Breed Health Nutrition Boxer Puppy Dry Dog Food from Royal Canin is the best option you can purchase right now. It’s a type of dog food specially made and formulated for boxer pups. This food caters to all of your boxer puppy’s nutritional needs.

Also included in this article are other options if you’re looking for something budget-friendly, or if you want something loaded with nutrients that your puppy needs. We’ve also included some wet food options if you want to add some variety to your pup’s diet.

Keep reading to find out which commercial food options are worth buying for your boxer puppy!

1. Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Boxer Puppy Dry Dog Food – The Best Overall Food for Boxer Puppies

Puppies and adult dogs have different nutritional requirements. That’s why you need to give them different types of food.

However, nutritional requirements still differ even if you’re just focused on puppies. The type of nourishment Chihuahuas need varies significantly from what Saint Bernards require.

Given the different nutritional needs of specific dog breeds, it would be nice to have food options specially made for them. That’s exactly what you’re getting from Royal Canin’s Breed Health Nutrition line.

Each option available in that product line is formulated with a specific breed in mind. In this case, we’re focusing on the variant formulated for boxer puppies.

Ideal for the Development of a Boxer Puppy

The main feature of this aforementioned type of dog food is its nutritional content. The people over at Royal Canin have added just the right amount of protein and L-carnitine to facilitate the proper development of muscle in boxer pups.

Boxers are known for having muscular physiques. Royal Canin’s product will help your puppy develop that type of physique with greater ease.

It’s worth noting that boxers can put on weight quickly. You won’t have to worry about that as much if you’re feeding this food to your dog because it features a relatively low calorie content per serving.

Protection from Illness

Boxers are famous for being big and strong, but that doesn’t mean that they are immune to illnesses. You need to give your boxer pups some added protection and you can get that from Royal Canin’s specially formulated boxer puppy food.

Each bowl of this food that you serve contains a large number of antioxidant ingredients. Those antioxidant ingredients grant superior protection from several illnesses so they definitely belong in your young pet’s diet.

Easy to Eat for Boxer Pups

Early on, puppies may have a hard time eating kibble. Boxer pups, in particular, may struggle because they have shorter muzzles.

This food from Royal Canin accounts for that. Each piece of kibble is shaped like a wave. Your puppy can bite into their food faster because of the grooves present in each piece.


The price tag is really the only reason why you may be hesitant to purchase this food for your puppy. It’s significantly more expensive than other types of dog food suitable for boxer pups. In some cases, it is more than twice as expensive as the other options.

Royal Canin’s boxer puppy food is a great purchase if you can afford it, but no one would blame you for seeking out more reasonably priced options.

2. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Puppy Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe – Best for Your Boxer Puppy’s Nutrition and Appearance

What do you want from puppy’s regular dog food? Obviously, you want that food to be nutritious, but you may be after something more?

For instance, you may be looking for a type of puppy food that can provide adequate nourishment as well as some benefits that can boost your pet’s appearance. You’re in luck because you can get that combo from Blue Buffalo’s puppy food.

Nourishment Provided by Natural Ingredients

Blue Buffalo takes pride in the fact that they use natural ingredients in their puppy food. This particular recipe features chicken, brown rice, different types of vegetables, as well as some fruits. Your boxer will get the full complement of nutrients they need from this offering.

The people from Blue Buffalo have also added LifeSource bits. Those LifeSource bits are infused with antioxidant ingredients. The nutrients from those ingredients will be absorbed by your puppy’s body and they will enjoy greater protection from illness in the process.

Maintain Your Puppy’s Appearance

Puppies tend to have healthy and luscious coats. You probably want them to just maintain that kind of coat forever. Blue Buffalo’s puppy food will help with that goal of yours.

The puppy food provided by Blue Buffalo is rich in both omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Apart from keeping your puppy’s internal organs healthy, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids also improve the quality of their coat. Your pup’s skin and fur will remain smooth and healthy as they mature.

Blue Buffalo’s kibble is also a bit on the smaller side, but that’s intentional. The bits of food are intentionally made that small so they can clean your boxer pup’s jaw and teeth while they are eating.  

While your dog is eating, the kibble will dislodge any bits of food stuck in their teeth. That should prevent the growth of bacteria.


The recommended serving portions for Blue Buffalo’s puppy food are larger than average. That means your bag of puppy food will likely run out faster.

Combine the larger portions with the slightly higher than average price tag for this type of puppy food, and you’re looking at a significant expense.

3. Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Puppy Dog Food – Best for Boxer Puppies with Digestive Issues

Dogs are famous for being resilient eaters. They can eat something that is bad for them and still turn out fine after a brief spell of nausea and/or diarrhea.

Unfortunately, that quality is not always present in puppies. Their gut is considerably weaker and they tend to be more susceptible to indigestion.

If your boxer puppy has a sensitive stomach, you should strongly consider picking up Taste of the Wild’s Pacific Stream Puppy Dog Food.

Healthy Digestion for Your Boxer Puppy

Each bag of Pacific Stream Puppy Food manufactured by Taste of the Wild contains K9 Strain Proprietary Probiotics. What are those probiotics, you ask?

Those probiotics are key to improving your puppy’s digestion. They introduce good bacteria to your dog’s stomach so they can absorb nutrients from food more effectively. Probiotics are often used to treat dogs with indigestion, but they are now present in this type of puppy food.

In addition to the probiotics, you will also find plenty of fiber and prebiotics in this Taste of the Wild product. Feed this to your boxer puppy if you want to get rid of their digestion-related issues.

Rich in Protein

There is no shortage of protein inside Taste of the Wild’s Pacific Stream Puppy Food. The smoked salmon used to make this puppy food contains high amounts of protein.

A boxer puppy who regularly dines on this type of food will develop lean muscles quickly.


We noted that smoked salmon is one of the key ingredients used in Taste of the Wild’s Pacific Stream Puppy Food. While some puppies like that flavor, others are put off by it.

You may have a hard time getting your boxer pup to try this food. At the very least, it may take them some time to get used to it.

4. Wellness Core Chicken & Turkey Recipe Puppy Food – Best for Lean Muscle Growth

Do you want to raise a boxer with a muscular build? Meeting that goal means following a specific training routine. You also have to be particular about what you feed your boxer puppy.

The puppy food produced by Wellness Core is a fantastic choice if you want your boxer pup to develop plenty of lean muscle. This type of food also makes it easier for your puppy to stay active.

Healthy Protein for Your Boxer Puppy

Protein is absolutely critical to the development of your boxer pup’s body. They need that protein to quickly develop their muscles, but you also want to avoid overloading their food bowl with too many calories.

The great thing about Wellness Core’s puppy food is that it features plenty of lean protein. Along with the chicken and turkey, salmon oil is also used to fortify the food. With so many sources of protein for your boxer puppy to draw from, they will inevitably grow up to be strong and muscular.

Prioritizing Heart Health

Heart issues are uncommon in puppies. Still, it’s a good idea to prioritize heart health maintenance even from an early age.

The taurine and omega fatty acids inside Wellness Core’s puppy food can improve your pup’s heart health. You won’t have to worry about their heart struggling to keep up as they mature.


The flavor of Wellness Core’s puppy food can be an issue for your pet. It’s a bit on the bland side so your boxer puppy may have trouble adjusting to it. You may need to mix this in with other kibbles if you want your pup to get used to it.

5. Purina One +Plus Large Breed Formula Puppy Food – Best Budget-Friendly Option

Your puppy deserves high-quality food, but many of the available options tend to be quite expensive. With your current budget, dropping $50, $60, or $100 on a 30-pound bag of puppy food may not be something you can afford.

The Purina One +Plus Large Breed Formula Puppy Food serves as a good alternative for those pet owners who need something more affordable. Is it still a good product at its lower price? That’s what we’re here to find out.

Bang for Your Buck

Whenever a smaller price tag is one of a product’s main selling points, people inevitably wonder if there’s a catch. When it comes to Purina’s offering, you may be wondering if they were able to lower the price to that point by skimping on quality.

You’ll be glad to know that those concerns are unwarranted here. Real chicken is used to make this puppy food and the manufacturers avoided fillers as well.

The high amount of DHA in this product also facilitates better brain development in your boxer puppy.

For Strong Teeth

Purina’s puppy food excels at keeping your pet’s teeth strong and healthy.

It is infused with calcium that is crucial for maintaining the integrity of teeth and bones. Meanwhile, the small size of this kibble also means that it can help remove any bits of food that are stuck in your pet’s teeth.


The rice used in this Purina product can contribute to your boxer puppy’s weight gain. Gaining weight is natural for puppies, but your pet may pack on some extra pounds because of the rice in their kibble.

Watch out for that because your dog may become overweight if you aren’t careful.

6. Whole Earth Farms Whole Grains Recipe Puppy Food – Best Wet Food for Boxer Puppy

Even if dry food will make up the bulk of your boxer puppy’s diet, we still wanted to include some wet food options. Among those wet food options, we believe that the Whole Grains Recipe Puppy Food from Whole Earth Farms is the best food for boxer puppy.

You’ll see why that’s the case as we break this item down further.

Source of Varied Proteins

You may be surprised to learn about the variety of proteins packed into this can of wet puppy food from Whole Earth Farms. The proteins your boxer puppy will be able to enjoy include chicken, turkey, and whitefish.

Since all of those are lean proteins, you can also bank on them helping your pet bulk up in a healthy way. Make this a staple of your puppy’s diet if you want them to grow into a muscular body.

Reliable Energy Source

Aside from the varied proteins, the people over at Whole Earth Farms have also added whole grains to this puppy food. Those whole grains serve as fuel for your boxer puppy. They will have more energy to burn for exercising and training thanks to this can of wet food.


One thing we’ve noticed about this can of wet food is that it doesn’t leave boxer pups satisfied. They will still be looking for more food not long after they dig in.

With that in mind, you should offer this wet food as a replacement for some of your pup’s meals instead of leaning on it full-time. Doing so will allow your puppy to benefit from it while remaining full thanks to their kibble.

7. Natural Balance Original Ultra Whole Body Health Puppy Formula Chicken – Best Wet Food for Treating Indigestion

To round out our list of the best food options for boxer puppies, we have the Original Ultra Whole Body Health Puppy Formula Chicken from Natural Balance.

You’ll soon find that this particular type of wet food can be very helpful in certain situations. It may not supplant your boxer’s kibble, but it may still be something that you will need in the future.

Easy on the Stomach

We talked earlier about how a puppy’s stomach is not quite as strong as what an adult dog has. Because of that, your boxer puppy may suffer from bouts of indigestion from time to time.

What’s great about this Natural Balance product is that it helps soothe your puppy’s stomach. On top of that, your puppy’s digestive system will also have an easier time absorbing this food’s nutrients.

This specific type of wet food can be helpful if your puppy is currently experiencing indigestion.

Very Affordable

Natural Balance’s wet food is also budget-friendly. You can pick up a case of 12 for a very reasonable price.

Add Natural Balance’s wet food to your shopping if you wish to introduce some variety to your pet’s diet.


Compared to the other boxer puppy foods we’ve highlighted in this article, Natural Balance’s offering is noticeably lacking in protein. Your boxer puppy may not get the nutrition they need to develop their muscles quickly if they only eat this food.

Buying Guide for Boxer Puppy Food

Certain elements should be prioritized if you are shopping for your boxer puppy’s pet food. What are those elements in question? We’ve highlighted them below so feel free to check them out.

Protein Content

The amount of protein a certain type of dog food provides is an important consideration if you are caring for a large breed such as a boxer. Ideally, you want the protein level to be around 22 percent at least for boxer pups.

Boxer puppies will be able to develop faster if they are able to ingest a lot of protein. Make sure protein is never lacking in their diet if you want them to grow properly.

Quality Ingredients

Look for puppy foods that list real proteins in their ingredients list. Without those real sources of protein, your boxer puppy may not fill out their frame as intended.

Fillers may bulk up your pup, but they won’t contribute much to the development of their lean muscles and that’s what you really want.

Special Shape

Boxer puppies may have difficulty eating kibble because of their short muzzles. Prevent that problem by picking up dry food that comes in small bits.  Your pet will have a way easier time picking up and eating those small pieces of dry food.  


Royal Canin’s Breed Health Nutrition Boxer Puppy Dry Dog Food is the option you want to get for your young pet. Yes, the price can be prohibitive, but it’s well worth your money. You can ensure that your boxer pup will receive all the nourishment they need if you’re feeding them Royal Canin’s specially made mix.

Head over to Chewy today if you’re interested in buying the best food for boxer puppy. You will find the Royal Canin product we’ve been discussing there along with numerous other high-quality pet food options. Browse their selection as much as you like and choose the best options for your pet!

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