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Cavapoo vs Maltipoo: Similarities & Differences

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Dog devotees considering adopting a smaller dog should check out either the Maltipoo or Cavapoo breeds. These two dog breeds will steal your heart away. They are cute, cuddly, and tremendous beyond belief. 

These breeds are very close in similarity to one another and have a lot in common; some find it difficult to tell one from the other. This breed of dog is part of the poodle family.

Maltipoo and Cavepoo dogs have lovely silky hair with an abundance of curls and waves. The hair on these dogs is thought to be partially hypoallergenic. 

The Similarities Between the Cavapoo vs Maltipoo Dog Breed

Cavapoo vs Maltipoo in Longevity

  • A Maltipoo lives 12 to 15 years.
  • A Cavapoo lives nine to 16 years.

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Cavapoo vs Maltipoo Hair

These two breeds of dogs are believed to have hypoallergenic hair, making them ideal dogs for dog parents or children with allergies. 

However, when you adopt any dog, and you know that you have a history of allergies and respiratory issues such as asthma, it is best to spend a few days with the dog to determine if you and your fur baby are a good match. This short time together helps to determine if the dog is or is not going to be a target for exacerbation of your allergies.

The Cavapoo dogs do not have hypoallergenic coats, so it is unlikely that the Cavapoos’ hair is hypoallergenic. Some believe that their hair may be partially hypoallergenic. 

This breed of dog, related to shedding Spaniels, most likely will share an inherited gene. 

Cavapoo vs Maltipoo Social Tendencies and Behaviors

The Maltipoo is happiest when it spends most of its time with family members. These fur babies detest spending time alone. These dog breeds become tightly attached to their owners and have been known to suffer from separation anxiety when their human parents are away.

If you know you will frequently be away from home for extended periods with no other family members present, you may consider adopting a different breed of dog because you will have a miserable pooch. These dogs need a lot of daily human contact and would make an ideal pet for retired people or those working at home. 

Reading the social tendencies of the Maltipoo also sums up the social tendencies of the Cavapoo breed. Both the Maltipoo and Cavapoo would find it very “Ruff” living in a home without a lot of human companionship.

Those human parents who adopted either of these dogs highly recommend a 30-minute walk with your buddy before leaving the house for a short time. While you are gone, the dog can nap and rest.

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Cavapoo vs Maltipoo Grooming Factors

When you adopt a Maltipoo or a Cavapoo, you must know that you are adopting a designer dog. TheMaltipoo and the Cavapoohave demanding grooming issues, such as their beautiful, curly, wavy hair needing daily attention.

Adopting either of these dogs means you must take some lessons in the type of grooming this breed requires and learn to groom your dog at home or take your pooch to the doggy day spa for hair care. Start bathing your pup when it is young, so they get used to bath time. 

The professionals recommend a Maltipoo or Cavapoo having a weekly bath if they have long hair and are more active. If they have shorter hair, a bath may be necessary only once a month.  

A human parent of each of these breeds will know when it is time for the dog’s bath. It is unnecessary to set a bath schedule. If it does not need a bath when bath day comes, bathe your BFF on another day. 

Even visiting the doggy day spa is not enough. Their hair demands your attention every day to keep tangles at bay. 

Grooming for these two breeds of dogs is the same. Giving the proper care to your Maltipoo or Cavepoo ensures that it will be exceedingly happy and content. Both of these breeds of dogs require proper care. It is best to read up on the breed and know what these dogs need and require to live a long and happy life. 

The happiness of these breeds starts with the proper care every day, including a good brushing as the hair type mats and tangles easily if not brushed daily. Trying to remove hair mats is frustrating for you and your dog. Additionally, removing hair mats can be uncomfortable. 

Brushing helps to keep the skin healthy by releasing natural oils into the hair and keeping the hair in excellent shape. Daily brushing and pup care at home give you and your pup more bonding time, and you can save some money by not always turning to professional care.  

Start this grooming routine when your dog is a pup because it will become used to the routine and be more accepting. 

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How Much Living Space Does a Cavapoo vs Maltipoo Require?

The Maltipoo and the Cavapoo live just fine in a small apartment or a vast estate. This makes no difference to them. They do not care if you live in your car by the river. The factor that makes the difference is whether your pooch can spend most of its day with you. The time you give to your pup is what is most important.

Cavapoo vs Maltipoo Activity

These dogs love to take walks a few times daily with you for at least 15 minutes. 30 minutes seems enough for either of these breeds. These walks help to keep you and your lovely Maltipoo or Cavapoo active, fit, and healthy. 

You must obey the leash laws of your city. However, if there is somewhere your pooch can run inside a fenced area for exercise without its leash, this makes them happy. 

Inside or outside the house, these dogs enjoy a set time to play with you. Never give your dog a toy and expect it to play and be happy. You must play with them and give them the bonding time they need daily.

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Cavapoo vs Maltipoo Temperament

Both dogs are affectionate, fun to be with, and active. They do demand to be with their parents most of the day. Separation anxiety tends to strike both these dogs if left alone, even for short periods. Companionship is what makes these dogs the happiest and, for this reason, the personalities of these dogs are strikingly similar. 

It is best to wait to adopt either of these dogs until your children are older, because the Maltipoo and Cavapoo are fragile critters. However, the Maltipoo is a bit more fragile than the Cavapoo. 

Cavapoo vs Maltipoo in Intelligence and Behavior

The genetics of both of these dog breeds are highly intelligent and wise. These breeds respond well to training, especially when their parents stimulate their minds through interactive play using dog toys. 

While both are easy to train, the Maltipoo may be a tad bit easier to train when it comes to obedience. It is found that the Maltipoo likes to talk (bark) more than the Cavapoo. 

The following things cause both of these dogs to bark a lot. However, it is the Maltipoo that tends to be more sensitive to such things as, 

  • Someone at the door
  • Strangers approaching them
  • Unusual circumstances in the house that the dog sees or hears
  • Stressful situations such as being left alone for long periods
  • Boredom
  • Loneliness

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Regarding Chronic Health Issues

These dogs are susceptible to injury when young children persist in picking them up to carry them around. An accidental drop or mishandling of these breeds can easily cause an injury to the dog. 

This is not the child’s fault, as they are not old enough to understand that it is best not to pick these dogs up and carry them around. But, because these dogs are so very loveable, children, like adults, simply cannot keep their hands off these adorable pooches.

The Maltipoo

The Maltipoo dog breed is a fragile dog that may or may not have some genetic health issues, as seen in the following.  

Possible Epilepsy

Epilepsy causes chronic hypoglycemic seizures that come about through the bloodline from the dog’s parents. These dogs are at risk due to their ordinarily low weight. The prognosis is good and requires an exam and treatment of anti-seizure medication by the vet. Follow your vet’s dietary recommendations.

Shaker Syndrome

A shaker syndrome in the Maltipoo dog happens when there are generalized tremors in the head and body. This syndrome is more common in white-haired dogs of the smaller breed, weighing less than 30 pounds. However, shaker syndrome can affect any color or size of the dog. This syndrome can appear when the dog is one to two years of age. There are various reported degrees of tremors that range from minor to severe. 

This breed of dog is naturally excitable, so these tremors worsen when excitement escalates. Exercise can also cause these tremors to worsen. When the dog naps or rests, sometimes these tremors disappear completely or lessen. 

  • These tremors worsen with excitement and exercise and tend to improve or disappear entirely upon rest or sleep. 
  • The syndrome improves with steroids, so it has questionable auto-immune bases. 
  • Only when the vet rules out everything else can the vet diagnose Shakers Syndrome.
  • Prognosis is excellent on low doses of long-term steroids.

Patellar Luxation

  • The patellar in any animal, including a human, refers to the kneecap.
  • Luxation means out of place or when the kneecap becomes dislocated as it moves out of its location. 

It is easy to identify patellar luxation in your Maltipoo if your dog starts to skip a step or it is running on three legs, its kneecap may have become dislocated. The kneecap may go back as quickly as it dislocated, and the dog continues to walk or run as though nothing happened.

It is not uncommon for many small dog breeds to have this issue related to their genetics. These small dog breeds learn how to kick the kneecap back into place and generally show no pain. Luxation can be minor to severe, and treatment depends on if one or both knees are involved. This condition often leads to arthritis.

The Cavapoo

Ear Infections

The Cavapoo breed is susceptible to ear infections. An ear infection is easily treated by your vet. At the first sign of your pup rubbing its ears or shaking its head, an infection may be brewing in its ear, and it is time to have the vet take a look. 

Eye issues

  • Entropion

This is a painful genetic condition when one or both eyelids roll inward, and the eyelashes constantly brush against the eyeball. This constant irritation leads to corneal ulcers and swelling. 

There can be various levels of this irritation, from minor to more severe. Severe cases require surgical intervention as soon as possible. Whether minor or severe, this is an uncomfortable and painful condition. 

  • Cataracts

Cataracts occur when a film develops over the eye lens. As the cataract worsens, the dog’s vision worsens. Surgical intervention to remove the cataract is the treatment of choice. 

  • Retinal Atrophy

This condition is a degenerative and progressive eye disease. When the cells of the eyes that produce images in the dog’s vision begin to die, the dog eventually becomes blind. There is no known cure for retinal atrophy. This condition is sad and believed to be due to a hereditary nature.

Mitral Valve Disease

A common heart defect in this dog is Mitral Valve Disease. This valve defect prevents the blood from going back through the heart. A heart murmur is first detected. Symptoms such as intolerance to exercise and loss of consciousness can worsen. Rarely does death occur?  


Hernias are common among the Cavapoo and will not simply go away. Hernias range from minor to severe and require surgical intervention. If the hernia is minor, it may need no treatment. However, if it is severe, it means emergency treatment. 


Epilepsy is the presence of seizures and is not an unusual condition in the Cavapoo breed. Unfortunately, there is no underlying cause determined. Mild seizures generally require no treatment. Severe seizures require chronic medication for the life of the dog. 

Patellar Luxation

Refer to the above

Legg Perthes Disease

This is spotted before the dog is one year of age and is considered a genetic condition. This condition is where there is a lack of blood flow to the hip joint. The cause: the ball and socket of the hip do not fit together correctly, causing the tissue to slowly die. Surgical intervention is necessary to eliminate pain and correct the hip joint.

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Cavapoo vs Maltipoo. Which to Adopt?

Even though each dog breed has possible health issues that may or may not arise, they offer pet owners an abundance of companionship and unbelievable, unlimited joy. If you want to adopt a Cavapoo vs Maltipoo pup, it is best if your home is quiet and serene. It is best not to adopt either of these pups if you have small children. Always practice on the side of caution with these pups. Better be safe than sorry where health is concerned. Scheduled wellness visits are a must, as are all recommended vaccinations.

Prevention is the best cure for these pups.