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11 Best Puppy Foods for Labs

We have tested 11 puppy foods of different puppy food brands and found Royal Canin Labrador Retriever Puppy Food to be one of the best and healthiest options.  It can be considered the best puppy food for labs for several reasons. First, it contains only natural elements. There are no artifical colors, flavors, or preservatives. Also, it … Read more

11 Best Foods for French Bulldog Puppies

Your choices of French Bulldog puppy food can make a lifetime of differences for your French Bulldog. Making sure your French Bulldog puppy has critical nutrients at every stage of development—and making sure your French Bulldog puppy will accept all kinds of healthy food later on, will give you a healthier, happier, longer-living pet. In … Read more

11 Best Foods for Golden Retriever Puppies

Golden retriever puppy food makes a difference for the entire life of your dog. We have organized our review of the 11 best foods for golden retriever puppies a little differently from the reviews you may find elsewhere. We have objectively tested, consumer-approved recommendations for each of the first year of your gold retriever puppy’s … Read more

7 Best Puppy Foods For Pitbulls

We tested 25 products and found ORIJEN Gain-Free Dry Dog Food to be the best dog food for Pitbulls. It contains no fillers, so what you are purchasing is pure dog food for energy and growth. ORIJEN is appropriate dog food for all stages of life of your Pitbull, from a puppy to a senior … Read more